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 button  A web site which tells how just about any product is made. It also gives a brief history of the product, describes how it is manufactured and shows diagrams of the process by which the product is made. Want to know how felt is made? Or fabric softeners? A mirror? M & M candy? Raisins? Revolvers? Rolling Pins? This is the site for you.

button  A great site for news of what's happening in the e-book industry.

button This is the site of my brother, Gary Bain, a former marine fighter pilot. His web site is designed to appeal to explorers, survivors, video enthusiasts, outdoorsmen and women and anyone who is the least bit adventurous. He welcomes correspondence from like minded individuals. He is currently involved in preparing a presentation to major television and movie executives for a series documenting the rescue of downed flyers in enemy territory, a subject he is thoroughly familiar with from his harrowing rescues in Vietnam. The idea for the series came from a recent reunion of many of the men who were involved in his rescue after his F-4 Phantom was downed in one of the very hottest and inimitable areas of Laos/Vietnam. I went to the reunion and met many of these men. They are a special breed and deserve far more recognition than they’ve gotten in the past. If you’ve had experiences of a similar nature or would like to read about his rescue and that of others, you won’t find a better place on the web than Gary Bain’s web site.

button A good place for business persons, authors, and entertainers to be interviewed, and there's much more of interest at this site.

button Amusing facts

button Animal facts

button http://mudsmith.net/bobbing.html is the web site of Dr. Bob Rich of Australia. He is a psychologist and a writer, among many of his other endeavors. He produces a very interesting newsletter, Bobbing Around that is well worth your while.


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