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The Memoirs and Autobiography of Darrell Bain

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The portion of my memoirs that you can read here began from requests by fans for a biography on my site. When I began writing it, I realized that I had more to say than a simple rendition of where I was born, my wife and dog’s name, where I have traveled or worked and so forth. I did write a short biography that you can now find in the menu. After that I began as far back as I could remember and began writing about my life. A lot of it wasn’t pretty but I found a sort of catharsis in remembering and putting it into words. Each month I posted a new segment of my memoirs  on this web site and originally, in my blog, Bainstorming. I was astounded at the amount of mail those memories generated.

Below you can read the first four segments in their entirety, following my life from about three years old until I was thirteen.

button  April 2006 installment -- "The Little House"  

button  May 2006 installment -- "The Farm in Keithville"

button  June 2006 installment -- "Life in Summer Grove"

button  July 2006 installment -- "Scattered Kids and Back to Shreveport"

The Rest of the Memoirs

What happened to the rest of them? You can see what they consisted of by these titles:

2006 - 2007

button  August 2006 installment -- "Living in Shreveport as a Teen"

button  September 2006 installment [Part I] -- "The Military and Medicine"

button  September 2006 installment [Part II] -- "Army Life, Marriage and Studies"

button  September 2006 installment [Part III] -- "Vietnam, Divorce and Between Tours"

button  October 2006 installment -- "Back to Vietnam, Leaving the Army, College"

button  November 2006 installment -- "Work, Divorce, Romance, Administration, Itchy Feet"

button  December 2006 installment [Part I] -- "About Betty"

button  December 2006 installment [Part II] -- "Country Living, Getting Fired, Farming"

button  January 2007 installment [Part I] -- "Farming, Writing, Mistakes, Stubborn and Stupid"

button  January 2007 installment [Part II] -- "Living and Loving in Old Age"

This may be a disappointment to those who have become interested in the memoirs, or who had begun reading them but hadn't finished them yet because all that‘s left here are the titles. Don't despair! This isn't like a serial, where the writer suddenly died or decided they didn't want to continue with the series. You can still read the rest of the memoirs, along with the first ones, in a greatly enlarged form. Just let me tell you what happened.

I was probably more surprised than anyone at how popular my memoirs became and how many readers followed them avidly, waiting impatiently for the next installment, and how much mail they generated. One of the persons who followed them was Lida Quillen of Twilight Times Books, one of my publishers. She thought they were so interesting that she offered me a contract to expand them into a book after I posted the final one. I did that. The book was edited by Michael LaRocca, who did a fine job. Its title is Darrell Bain’s World of Books and is my complete autobiography to date. It is now available in ebook form. The print Version will be issued in 2010.

Darrell Bain's World of Books (Darrell Bain’s Autobiography)    

Darrell Bain's World of Books (Darrell Bain’s Autobiography)

It is Darrell's sincere hope that this autobiography, expanded from memoirs posted on his web site, will be an inspiration not only for writers but for anyone who has ever had to struggle in their life and for those who think things will never get better. They can, despite all the odds against them, if they will only keep trying. That's the key, he thinks. That and the right partner in life, like Betty is for him.

Available now from Fictionwise.com; eReader.com; Barnes & Noble or Sony eBookstore.

The title of the book is derived from my life-long love of books which have played such an important part in my life and were frequently the only thing that kept me going. If you do nothing else, I sincerely urge you to read the blurb accompanying the book. I intended for it to be inspiration to anyone struggling to accomplish their dreams under adverse circumstances. The circumstances, of course, are contained in the book. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you read it. So far the feedback has been entirely positive.

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