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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Bainstorming - February 11, 2017

The contents of this Blog may be copied and sent to both friends and enemies with the stipulation that the source www.darrellbain.com is noted and included.

Bainstorming: Darrell's Bain's Blog.
Copyright © February 11, 2017, by Darrell Bain

Responses to subjects brought up by this blog are welcome. I can be contacted by e-mailing me from my website.

Subjects in this blog: The New Types, Illegal Immigrants, Quote, Medical Advancement, Space For Sale, Recommended Books, Apertures series.

The New Types

The New Types is my first new book in well over a year. Severe back problems, a severe burn to my back and surgery for both me and Betty. I was pretty well incapacitated for about 8 months so far as putting out anything new goes, although I did manage to collect three crazy short stories published long ago in my early writing days about God, religion, the afterlife, Jesus, Preachers, and Atheists and put them with an excerpt from   The Afterlife Cabals, one of the novels that came out with a new title (previous title: No Heaven, No Hell) and new cover with a small bit of re-editing. (99 cents for all four).

Illegal Immigrants

We can’t deport 10 million illegal immigrants from our country, not without turning into a fascist state. Here’s my suggestions: One: If they have a criminal record and aren’t working, deport them. That’s no big job. Despite the publicity, there aren’t really all that many of them. Two: If they have jobs and have been behaving themselves, allow them to apply for citizenship with certain conditions: Pay a fine, to be deducted from their paychecks over a period of time. If they were brought here as children, allow them to apply for citizenship with no conditions. If they have no SS Card, have them get one immediately so they can begin paying taxes and SS withholding. If they obtained a false SS card in order to work, have them get a real one immediately, then pay a fine deducted from their checks over a period of time and apply for citizenship. If any of them don’t want to become citizens, give them a year to either apply or leave or get a green card allowing them to work. They aren’t stealing any of our jobs. Mostly they are doing jobs employers can’t find anyone else to do or they are working at jobs where employers can’t find enough people to fill open positions. I’m sure you readers could think of other equitable solutions for those ten million illegal immigrants.

It isn’t rocket science, folks. There’s simple solutions to most of our problems if the politicians would quit worrying about offending their voters or losing elections. Don’t hold your breath about any of this, though.


Nothing in the universe has a shorter half-life than a politician’s memory for inconvenient facts. David Weber.

Medical Advancement

I once read that if medical research stopped completely, we could still have advancements for the next 50 years simply by scanning and correlating all the medical journal articles and other research on files. It’s probably true. Heck, back in the 1800’s the Mendelian laws of inheritance were discovered by a monk and written up in a journal. No one payed attention until someone about 30 years later re-discovered them.

Space For Sale

Space For Sale is the last book I’ve written in The Williard Brothers series. I only had one copy of my own but unfortunately loaned it to one of our Great Grandsons, who promised to send it back when he finished it. Unfortunately, he was killed in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. I’m certainly not going to bother his wife at a time like this by asking for it back. I have no idea if she’ll keep it or not. Probably not. So, I confidently went to Amazon to order a used copy. Wow! I didn’t know I was so valuable. There were three copies available, one for over two hundred dollars, one for over three hundred dollars, and one for—get this!—over eight hundred dollars. I certainly can’t afford those prices as much as I want a copy back on our books shelves. Anyone who thinks authors make a million bucks a year or so, needs to educate themselves. My best year has been right at ten thousand dollars. So I’m wondering if there’s a wealthy fan out there somewhere who reads my Bainstorming Blog and who wouldn’t mind buying one of those copies and giving it to me? Probably not. Is there anyone who has a print copy who would sell it to me for 25 or 30 dollars? I would pay that much, just to have a complete series available again. If so, let me know through my web site, www.darrellbain.com . Thanks.

Recommended Books

Occasionally I tell about books I would recommend to anyone (which doesn’t mean they would like them), of course. Reading is so subjective that one which I think is great, someone else might think I’d lost my mind by recommending it. Anyway, here goes:

Just about anything by David Weber other than his fantasy. I don’t care much for fantasy but many people do. There are always exceptions, though. I’ve read the Harry Potter series twice so far. It is so good you find yourself actually believing it. Eric Flint is good. Back to Weber. I love his Safehold series but I have no idea what was going through his mind when he bollixed up the spelling of most of the names of characters. I’m not the only one of his fans who were really irritated by this unnecessary (IMHO) device. It distracts you by trying to figure out what he meant by Broun for Brown or Tayt for Tate. And those are the simple ones. I read the series anyway and ignored the names, figuring I’d remember the important ones. That’s what happened. I’ve read the series about 6 or 7 times and love it but still get aggravated over the spelling of names.

Eric Flint is really good. He’s the author of the back-in-time series 1632 and many more good books. Then there is John Ringo. He just finished a real Zombie series. His zombies aren’t imaginary. They’re caused by a virus that turns normal humans into senseless “zombies” and the only way to prevent being bitten (and eaten if they hold on to you) is by an inoculation prepared from the spinal cord of infected humans, which means you gotta kill them to get the spinal fluid. Most of the world is turned into zombies but the ones left are fighting back. It is a four book series and Ringo did his usual great job. And finally, there is Darrell Bain. About half his books are well worth reading, but some of his earlier novels aren’t so hot. Some of his good ones are Samantha’s Talent, the Aperture series, Alien Infection, Hotline To Heaven, Doggie Biscuit, and a couple of new titles for old books: The Afterlife Cabals (former title No Heaven, No Hell), The Golden Seeds (former title Alien Seeds). There are others. All his humor is pretty good. The Melanin Apocalypse, and The Williard Brothers series. This author is frequently compared to Robert A. Heinlein, about the finest compliment imaginable (IMHO). There are others but I’m running out of time and space. Sorry.

The Aperture Series

I have some good news and bad news for those who have been waiting on the Aperture series to return, all re-edited and much better books. Unfortunately (or fortunately, take your pick), the series isn’t going to come back as soon as I thought. I’m really sorry, but events overtook me. Anyone who has waited on a book to come out knows how long it can frequently take. Apologies to all those who wrote me about when they could expect the books to return and I answered “soon”. Not gonna happen, but either way, when you do see them again, they will be much, much better than the original editions.


Darrell Bain
Shepherd, Texas

March, 2017



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