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Five Stars.

In this, the final volume in the trilogy, the brothers Williard set off on yet another epic adventure. Having survived the perils of Vietnam, outwitted a Mafia hit squad, and thwarted a murderous tribe of pygmies seeking to offer them up as human sacrifices to a dinosaur in a remote lake in the Congo, the lads yearn for the sort of excitement not to be found in the humdrum, work-a-day life.

By one of those strange twists of fate that sometimes change the history of the world, they come into possession of a set of bones reputed to have been discovered in the Brooks Range in Alaska. These bones cannot be identified by anthropologists as being of any known human or animal origin. Now, since that wild and largely unexplored region has been the site of many reported sightings of the elusive Big Foot, ...is it possible ...could it be....? The Williards determine to see for themselves.

Naturally, the expedition includes their busty paramours. So overwhelming is the machismo of these Texas boys that scarcely a female on the planet can resist the urge to unbutton her blouse when in their company. Oh, and speaking of "busty", one of the girls whose name I decline to divulge here, can actually pack a fully loaded .45 automatic in her bra. That, I'd like to see!.

Their earlier adventures in the Congo were, compared to what awaits them in the wilds of Alaska, child's play. There they had only the Mafia and the pygmies to contend with. The Mafia is still after them, because the Godfather's only daughter, the light of his life, is a member of the expedition, and he fears for her virtue. But now the CIA and the KGB for some obscure reason of national security are vitally interested in those bones, and ready to do whatever is necessary to secure them. Including terminating the Williards and their party with extreme prejudice.

In creating this tale Darrell Bain has given free rein to a fertile imagination. Some of the brothers' exploits may seem to stretch the bounds of credibility but, hey, so did those of James Bond. Ian Fleming never offered any apology for Bond, and neither need Bain do so for the Williards. He writes with a light, deft touch which proclaims: you don't have to believe it to enjoy it.

Readers of the first two volumes of the trilogy will like this one, too. But it isn't necessary to have read the others to appreciate Big Foot Crazy, it's a great read by itself. Darrell Bain has become a master of action and suspense fiction, and his fans eagerly anticipate more of the same.

Reviewed by Bill Riepe, Amazing Authors Showcase.


What happens when you cross the poster child for Scams-R-Us with Snow White? Well, Darrell Bain gives his readers a perfect example in his book HOTLINE TO HEAVEN. Ed Tanner is down on his luck. He's narrowly escaped criminal prosecution for his last scam bilking people from their hard earned money. And to top it all off, poetic justice has played her hand when a Las Vegas bimbo bilks him of his last dollars. He's now wandering the streets, looking for a free place to lay his head for the night.

Sister Violet Smith is a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. She's as pure as the driven snow and to Ed Tanner, must be the last virgin on the face of the earth. But her angelic face and glowing purity pierce his heart. He decides to stay at the Salvation Army and even tricks them into letting him stay a few days in exchange for dishwashing in order that he can get to know Violet Smith.

Violet has led a tragic life. She was raised by missionaries and schooled in all girls' schools. Her parents were tragically killed the year before. As they left all their worldly possessions to the Salvation Army, Violet suddenly became an orphan and penniless. The Salvation Army takes her as their employee in exchange for working for them. Violet has never been around men and had no idea how to handle herself with such a sinful prospect. Violet had saved all her earnings since the Salvation Army had paid all her living expenses.

It doesn't take long for Ed to convince Violet that he has a calling and she's included in that calling. He's to start God's Fan Club. And she's to be a spokesperson for this fan club. However, he didn't expect to fall in love with her!

Throughout the startup of this club and the ensuing events, Mr. Bain gives his readers a glimpse into human greed, innocence turned wanton and jealousy at those that have. Ed shows his creativeness in thinking up new scams and in keeping one step ahead of the law. Violet, although innocent, learns the joys of life, how to be a woman and stumbles on to how to perpetuate her own scams.

His style of writing includes lots of dialogue and a quick pace to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and laughed at times so hard the family wondered what in the world I was crying over and hated to see the end. Hopefully Mr. Bain will continue with other misadventures of Ed and Violet. This book is my ticket into the Darrell Bain fan club!

Reviewed By Jan Crow for Sime~Gen.


"...Life On Santa Claus Lane is sure to bring a grin to your face if not numerous all-out, eye-watering belly laughs! Just ask my husband, as he was near me while I was reading it." ~ Reviewed by Jeanne Allen for KnowBetter.com.


Authors Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry have succeeded admirably in this gripping sequel to their bestselling novel, THE SEX GATES. The mysterious sex gates have changed the world of the not too distand future; destabilizing governments and religions alike, and rocking the fabric of society as never before. Now, people have grown suspicious of "Seconders," individuals like our hero/heroine Jackson Lee (Li) Stuart, who have the ability to go through the sex gates repeatedly without vanishing. You see, the sex gates have the power to cure disease and restore youth, but always change the sex of those who pass through them, and they rarely allow follow-up trips. The Seconders, then, have essentially found the secret to immortality. Repeat passage through the gates also brings out greater intelligence and telepathy in the Seconders. Lee(Li) must discover the secrets of the gates before jealous, hate-fueled mobs fall upon and destroy the Seconders. He/she must chance as many trips as possible to find and contact the mysterious Masters of the gates and win their help, but first he/she must travel hundreds of miles across a world slipping into chaos. The authors, one male, one female, ingeniously sue their own gender differences to provide truly believable viewpoints for their likable and quirky characters. A wonderful blend of sci-fi, sexuality and sociology, makes this book a delight. Enjoy it, I know I did!

Reviewed by Diana Hignutt-Moonsword


The Williard brothers, James, Jason, and Jerry have got to be the greatest fighting team since McChesney, Ballantine and Cutter, of Gunga Din fame. When last we saw the boys, American participation in the Vietnam War was winding down and, having known and loved the fierce lust of battle, the brothers had no stomach for the tedium of peacetime service in the military. So they cast about for some civilian activity that promised to keep the adrenaline flowing. Remember how Sgt. Cutter bought a map from a Private in a Scottish Regiment showing a fabulous treasure buried in a lake? Well, It seems Jason Williard has learned of, are you ready for this, a dinosaur dwelling in a lake in a remote area of the Congo. They plan to fly to the lake, film the monster, and make a fortune exhibiting the film all over the world.

Now, don't get the idea this is a hashing over of a Rudyard Kipling tale. For one thing, nobody in the service of Queen Victoria ever had as much fun as these three brothers. Their expedition to the Congo includes four attractive females, none of whom is averse to a roll in the hay (or the cargo bay of a plane), and at least one of whom exhibits marked nymphomaniac tendencies after imbibing a noggin or two of rum. By great good fortune their store of rum is in excellent supply.

But wait, there's more. They run afoul of the Mafia, and barely escape goon squads dispatched to whack them. The only plane they can afford is an ancient wreck, which mocks the laws of aerodynamics by getting into the air at all. A tribe of hostile pygmies inhabits the area around the lake, and is intent on offering them up as living sacrifices to the dinosaur.

A dinosaur swimming in a lake in present day Congo? Pygmies engaging in human sacrifice? Defies belief? Not at all! Bain's skill as a storyteller, which relies in no small part on careful research, makes all this seem eminently possible. Nicely plotted, the narrative flows smoothly from one looming disaster to the next, and we end up with a great adventure tale, told with comedic overtones.

At last, a novel with no social significance whatever; entertainment pure and simple. Highly recommended to all lovers of action and adventure. FIVE STARS

Reviewed by Bill Riepe, Amazing Authors Showcase.

If you like variety in your adventures in life, then get yourself a pith helmit, mosquito and shark repellent and be sure to pack a life jacket when you take the trip with the Willard brothers to the Congo on a dinosaur hunt. Also, bring your sense of humor as this tale will have you smiling a lot at the situations the brothers create for themselves.

From the land of Mafia-financed bankers to the land of the Pygmy people where the dinosaur is reputed to live, the Willard brothers will conduct you on a fast-stepping tour of the world. The three of them have just exited various branches of military service and turned up at their sister's home and from there plans are made to go on a dinosaur hunt rather than submit to the nine-to-five routine of ordinary life.

Is this just a needed step they must take before giving up the excitement of risking their lives and settling down? Do they really believe in the existence of the dinosaur? How will they finance this trip? Join in the fun as the Willards and their new girlfriends seek out the answers.

A fun read from beginning to end, a rollicking time to be had by characters and readers as the story unwinds. From a near riot at a country club to a hike in deep mud pulling a raft, the action is continuous. Lots of surprises along the way. A tale written by a master story teller, one you will definitely enjoy. I sure did and recommend it as well worth the time.

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, author of "Death on Delivery."


5 Talismans (Highest rating)

I have been an avid reader for quite some time. I have read too many books to count over the years covering a variety of genres. Through my literary travels the list of novels which have made me say, "Wow, that was something special", is relatively short. Frank Herbert's Dune, Terry Brooks' The Elfstones of Shannara, and George R.R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire are all at the top of that list. After reading Darrell Bain's novel Savage Survival however, I think that list has grown a little longer.

When Earth is invaded by an unknown alien race, eleven year old Lyda Brightner finds herself swept up in the destructive wake. With her father dead and mother missing, Lyda awakens in a concentration camp somewhere in a desert in the southwest United States. Within hours, she is horribly abused by a man who then in turn tries to sell her into slavery.

After managing to escape, Lyda discovers an inner strength which helps her retake control of her life, and puts her on a path of self discovery. Deciding the only way to defeat those who would hurt her and those she comes to protect, is by meeting them head on, Lyda quickly finds herself the leader of several like minded survivors. The aliens however, have different plans. The human survivors are put through test after test so that only the humans with the strongest minds will make it through each trial. Along the way Lyda and the other human refugees learn they are changing.

Their minds are sharper and their bodies are stronger. With each trial the changes become more evident. Lyda uses these "gifts" to protect the people who choose to follow her, and also to discover love as well as learn what true leadership is all about. Savage Survival is truly a masterful piece of science fiction writing. Darrell Bain uses an alien invasion of Earth as a backdrop to tell not only a coming of age story but also to spark deep thought concerning society as a whole. His character Lyda Brightner is as memorable of a character as you can get. I sincerely hope there are more tales of her exploits coming in the near future.

Darrell Bain's Savage Survival is definitely what is right about the science fiction genre. I believe this is as close to a must read as you can get. With an intricate plot, vivid imagination, and one of the most memorable characters I have run across in a long time, Savage Survival will leave readers with that same "wow" feeling I received.

Reviewed by Shawn Oetzel for Tales of the Talisman.

button  SPACE PETS

This story is not only entertaining but also not so far fetched with DNA enhancement. It shows what can happen when it goes too far, but then we have the adorable pets who not only can be playful and make you laugh out loud, but want to take care of their humans when they need it the most.

This is one for the keeper shelf and keeping a lookout for the next book. Mr. Bain knows how to keep the reader involved and wanting more. ~ Reviewed by Donna J.


In Darrell Bain's version of the future vast areas of the world are controlled by genetically altered intelligent versions of common animals - dogs, cats, rabbits, rats - their genetic manipulations having bred true and enabling them to have quickly replaced the natural breeds. Time for the enclaves is running out. Trade between them is dwindling due to the problems of transporting goods between them. And with communication lessening the chance to spread and develop ideas and technology is also becoming more rare. Jamie Da Cruz is a genetic engineer in the Houston Enclave. His job is to develop more advanced food crops to support the population of his enclave. When one morning he discovers a feral dog (one from outside the enclave) has broken through the Enclave defenses and was waiting for him in his home Jamie's life changes.

The feral dog, Conan, carries a device around it's neck that transmits a message from an alien recently arrived on Earth, to whoever touches it. Da Cruz is chosen to go on an expedition to find the alien creature who sent the message and see what technologies can be obtained from him. So Da Cruz and his enhanced pets (Woggly & Fuzzy Britches) set out with a company of soldiers as guard to follow the feral dog back to where they might find the alien. The feel of this book is reminiscent in ways of a lot of the pulp writers and does feel a little out of time. There is little or no over-embellishment (descriptions are short and to the point), there is a lot of plot fitted (crowbarred) in to the book and the style verges on the clumsy from time to time. But these pulpish tendencies shouldn't put you off, for it does like a lot of pulp stories contain a fast moving story that keeps you reading.

One main way that this book does differ from the majority of pulp writers though is that sex plays a significant part in the story. It's not graphically described in any way though and there is no excessive use of adult language (which depending on your liking/disliking for it is a good or bad thing). Da Cruz is involved with a woman (Jeannie Bostick) who, unlike the accepted mores of the society they are in, is very much a one on one relationship woman. One of the soldiers accompanying Jamie Da Cruz (Kristi Carson) is obviously attracted to Jamie (and he to her) so we have a certain sexual tension included in the book. Although this tension is not great and the subplot does seem to suggest that the author may have preferred the free love feel of the sixties than today's AIDS ridden world.

A lot of human future tales written in recent years follow the Cyberpunk ideal of vast corporations controlling a polluted planet with governments very much out of the picture. This is quite different - in this future society the mistakes made in the tales history have moved the human population into smaller and smaller fragmented little islands of civilization, with the trend being that more of these enclaves are failing. It's an enjoyable book, it does have a few flaws but they are minor and providing you don't like your fiction to have six hundred pages of detail explaining the most in depth minutiae without actually managing to get any story in then give this a try.

Reviewed by Steve Mazey for The Eternal Night © December 2002.


An inventive tale that keeps you glued to the pages as if breaking news about a bizarre situation is being broadcast.

If you could go through a gate to cure a sickness or to restore your youth, would you? What if, along with the remedy, you came out the other end as the opposite sex?

"The Sex Gates" follow the life of four college students who learn to cope with the changes after one of their own, Don, innocently walks through one of the first gates that appeared on earth. He came out the other side as Donna. They strive to understand the gates while making political statements about religion and politics among themselves and having sex orgies on a regular basis. It seems the gates opened up even more of a fascination with sex and what it would be like to have sex as the opposite sex.

People all over the planet started going through the gates, hoping for a better life on the other end. The gates brought protests and religious opposition, chaos and war. The story takes place in the future, but humanity is ever the same. Whenever something life-changing happens, there are those who oppose it, those who embrace it, those who take advantage of the chaos, and those who stand on the sidelines and watch. A stirring read that makes you think long after you've read the last page.

Reviewed by Margaret Marr, author of Moon of Little Winter for AAS Reviews.

"Authors Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry have succeeded admirably in this gripping sequel to their bestselling novel, The Sex Gates. The mysterious sex gates have changed the world of the not too distant future; destabilizing governments and religions alike, and rocking the fabric of society as never before. ...A wonderful blend of sci-fi, sexuality and sociology, makes this book a delight. Enjoy it, I know I did!" ~ Reviewed by Diana Hignutt-Moonsword.


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